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Bluffton, South Carolina
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Novica empowering Artisans
Novica mission is to empower artisans and foster small business development around the world. Meanwhile, massive superstores are succeeding in doing just the opposite - putting small businesses out of business by consolidating the marketplace.

Quantum Man
Julian Voss-Andreae Created a monumental Public Sculpture in 2009 for the Bravern Plaza. You can see Quantum Man as well as four of my Stainless Steel Sculptures in Bellevue Washington in the Shopping Plaza Below the two Micro Soft Towers. If you would like to learn more about Quantum Man keep reading: Julian Voss-Andreae’s new sculpture at the Bravern, Quantum Man, is beautiful to look at, but that’s not the point. The idea of the piece is to convey one of the most bewildering ideas in modern physics: that nothing is really the way it looks, that all matter can be seen as a bunch of particles or as a collection of waves. It cannot possibly be both, yet somehow it is. Voss-Andreae, who grew up playing with Lego blocks in Germany, first decided to be an artist. Then, at the University of Vienna, he switched to quantum physics and started playing with buckyballs, tiny soccer-ball-shaped icosahedrons made of sixty carbon atoms. They’re called buckyballs because they look like the geodesic domes designed by R. Buckminster Fuller, the famous cousin of Seattle Art Museum founder Richard Fuller. Voss-Andreae’s team won fame by shooting a single buckyball through two openings at once, each a hundred times farther apart than a buckyball is wide. Impossible! But that’s quantum physics for you. Inspired by Roger Penrose’s book The Emperor’s New Mind, Voss-Andreae again changed his mind and switched back from science to art. Then, propelled by an irresistible physical force – love for his wife, neuroscientist Adriana Voss-Andreae – he relocated to Portland, Oregon, and studied sculpture at Pacific Northwest College of Art. In 2004, he started making giant buckyball replicas in bronze and other science-themed sculptures: ion channels, antibodies, quantum waves in iron atoms. Voss-Andreae swiftly became an art star, celebrated in both art and science publications from here to India to Russia. Everybody from the Scripps Research Institute to Nobel Prize winner Roderick MacKinnon bought his sculptures. But the coolest is Quantum Man, a human figure made of parallel slices of steel. “When approached from the front or back,” says Voss-Andreae, “the sculpture seems to consist of solid steel, but when seen from the side it dissolves into almost nothing. This effect provides a striking metaphor of the dual nature of matter with the appearance of classical reality on the surface and cloudy quantum behavior underneath.” He loves how his man looks in Bellevue. “This mall is really well designed and beautiful,” he says. “The location of my piece is fantastic. I like that the first view of the piece for the people coming up the stairs from the street level is the exact side view where the sculpture almost disappears. I positioned the piece to maximize that effect. I also like that this particular piece is close to Microsoft, a very scientifically oriented company with – despite all the criticism, which is partly justified – excellent products that have revolutionized the use of computers.“ What’s a scientist doing getting mixed up with art? Voss-Andreae justifies himself by quoting Albert Einstein: “If we trace out what we behold and experience through the language of logic, we are doing science; if we show it in forms whose interrelationships are not accessible to our conscious thought but are intuitively recognized as meaningful, we are doing art. Common to both is the devotion to something beyond the personal, removed from the arbitrary.” Ultimately, Voss-Andreae’s now-you-see-him, now-you-don’t man at the Bravern has one goal. “I want to increase the audience’s capacity to intuit the unfathomable deeper nature of reality.” And once you’ve fathomed it, it’s time to go shopping.

landscape Architects
Sculpture gardens make a statement. Many sculptors are glad to make site specific sculptures. Look at several examples here.

Chase Allen Designs - Daufuskie Island (Near Hilto
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Marine Life Sculptures Cut from Steel
Visit the website and visit the artist. Its worth your time, and your attention. Meet Tyler Dominey the sculptor. Visit his showroom on your next trip to Coastal Georgia.

Art Websites
Yahoo Arts & Entertainment News
.Arts & Entertainment news, photos, and video - Cached Find the latest Arts & Entertainment breaking news, photos, and information from the best sources on Yahoo! News Yahoo will be amazingly successful in 2018, it is already the fifth largest website and they are reinventing themselves to come out with some visionary content for the mobile users.

Guide for the Arts
Music, dance, theater, Visual Art, and Public Sculpture. Current events in Boston, New York, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, and The Gulf Coast of Florida.

J. Crabtree Fine Art
Paintings in the following styles: Original Abstract Art, Modern Abstract, Contemporary Abstract Art, Minimalist Art
Handmade art, jewelry, and sculpture online gallery.

Hilton Head Island Public Art
Please visit and vote for my sculpture titled, Reaching for Sunshine. The winner of the peoples choice receives a cash award.

Indianapolis Museum of Art
World class contemporary Art & Excellant Outdoor Sculpture by famous sculptors including well know Outstanding sculptors like David Smith & Robert Indiana. Sculptural metal abstracts and more, visit the garden to see outdoor sculptures

Visit The Fells in New Hamphire
Sculpture Garden Tours this fall. Enjoy the natural beauty of The Fells on Lake Sunapee

Contemporary Art Galleries
Amon Carter Museum Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Art Gallery Of New South Wales Asheville Art Museum Austin Museum of Art Basel Museum of Fine Arts Bergen Art Museum Brandywine River Museum Cheney Cowles Museum Confederation Centre of the Arts Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco Fresno Metropolitan Museum Maryhill Museum of Art Mint Museum of Art Museo Del Barrio, El Museum of Contemporary Art Museum of London National Gallery London National Gallery of Australia National Gallery of Canada National Gallery of Ireland Nationalmuseum of Sweden New Orleans Museum of Art Orlando Museum of Art P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Phoenix Art Museum Rosenbach Museum & Library Royal Academy of Arts St Louis Art Museum St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts Tacoma Art Museum Teylers Museum Victoria and Albert Museum

Worlds Largest Privately Owned Sculpture Park
If your Visiting Western Australia talk time to visit some of the best outdoor sculpture in the world of art. 50 James Road, Middle Swan, Western Australia 6056

Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden
Hirshhorn Museum and Outdoor Sculpture Garden. The Smithsonians museum of international modern, contemporary art, and abstract expressionism by famous american artists and sculptors.

The Museum of Modern Art
Modern and contemporary art originated in the exploration of the ideals and interests generated in the new artistic traditions that began in the late nineteenth century and continue today. That modern and contemporary and involve all forms of visual expression, including painting and sculpture, drawings, prints and illustrated books, photography, architecture and design, and film and video, as well as new forms yet to be developed or understood, that reflect and explore the artistic issues of the era. Grand Re-Opening November 20, 2004 (Saturday).

Spanish Translation Service
Legal contracts, tax form filing, medical & insurance paper translation services.

StormKing Art Center
Outdoor sculpture park with public sculpture, abstract and figurative works of art.

Art information
Find outdoor sculpture parks and sculpture gardens world wide.

January 6-11, 2005 Bid on one of my wall sculptures on EBAY On Line Art Auction Check for Sculpture+metal+abstract You just might fine a sculpture or two created by Stephen Kishel or Brian Kishel

Eastern Carolina University
***Students interested in Sculpture*** Fine Arts: Sculpture NEW Student Work Showcase ! NEW Sculpture Special Events, 1998 Faculty: Carl Billingsley, Area Coordinator Jodi Hollnagel Hanna Jubran Courses Offered: Introductory survey followed by three media courses in stone and wood, welded metals, and cast

Columbia Museum of Art
Main & Hampton Streets Columbia, SC 29202 Kevin W. Tucker - Curator Sculpture & Paintings

Art seen in Australia
Comments on the visual arts scene in Australia and a directory of Famous International Artists and International Metal Sculptors.

Various Artist
A website for Art Lovers. Abstract metal sculpture, modern art and other expressions of art.

Looking for Sculptural abstractions?

Ask Jeeves
Who makes garden sculpture? Public Sculpture? Monumental Sculpture? Where are Sculpture Parks? Are there Celebrity Artists? Why ask?

Martha Stewart
Garden Art & Sculpture ideas.

JW official website
The best Bible topic search engine on the web now in 600 plus languages

MSN Search Engines
Search: Sculpture+Abstract

Looking for Abstract-Metal-Sculptures ?

Robert Genn
Read Art Newsletters, Opinions, Art Advice and Art Tips From Artists and sculptors, art schools Worldwide & Art Quotes. Created by Famous Artist and Author Robert Genn. links to world class artists and sculptors

Art Form Studios
Custom Sculpting for Fiberglass Public Art Parades and Funraising Auctions. Create public art events like the Chicago Cows. Custom casting, composition stone, cold cast bronze,imatation stone sculptures and abstract-metal-sculpture.

South Carolina Artisans Center
Located in Walterboro, SC just 2 miles off I-95 A Gallery of juried South Carolina Artists, 3D sculptors, hand blown art glass and more. Contemporary abstract and traditional art styles. Outdoor and garden sculpture. Modern metal sculpture abstract by Stephen kishel

White River State Park
Sculpture in the Park 2002, Sculpture Garden and Public Sculpture Display by famous sculptors. New outdoor sculptures every year. Metal-abstract-sculpture and Mixed media sculptures.

Art Glass Sculpture Fort Wayne Indiana
Architectural Kilned glass textures, etched, carved, leaded, stained and Art Glass

Kokomo Opalescent Glass
Stained Glass Sheets & Hand Blown Art Glass and art glass supplies

International Sculpture Center
Home of Sculpture Magazine and Grounds for Sculpture see 22-acre sculpture Park with abstract-metal-sculpture in Hamilton,NJ Sculpture-Garden Human scale to Monumental sculptures made from stainless steel, bronze, aluminum, concrete, stone and fiberglass.

Broadhurst Gallery
Contemporary art and sculpture from the worlds leading artists and sculptors. Be sure to see the sculpture garden which includes works by Wayne Trapp, Bob Doster, and Stephen Kishel.

On-line Artstudio from Provence, France
Born in 1943, architect turned abstract artist in 1985, moved to France in 1999 to pursue modern art full time. See his refreshing abstract paintings and his working artist studio. Links to popular contemporary Artists and abstract sculptors from around the world

A Gallery of 25 Indiana Professional Artists and Abstract-Metal-Sculptors. Brian Kishel and Stephen Kishel were two of the founding members. Located downtown Muncie Indiana at the corner of Charles St. & Walnut St.

Outdoor Sculpture Exhibit Down Under
Bondi Beach in Sydney Australia public outdoor sculpture exhibit

One Eared Cow Glass
Hand Blown Glass Studio and Contemporary Fine Art Gallery 1102 huger Street Columbia, SC

Carolina Arts News
Electronic version of Carolina Arts Newspaper of visual arts. Lists of gallery openings, art fairs, festivals and new galleries in North and South Carolina. Search for contemporary artists, abstract sculptors and photographers. Current events and the state of the arts in North and South Carolina

Chroma Gallery
Contemporary Sculpture, Art-Glass, and Paintings. Savannah Georgia

Low Country maye river art gallery
Bluffton mixed media Artists & Sculptors.

The house of fogg
Artistic wall sculptures of dogs and cats, abstract clocks, sculptured mirrors, and painted furniture, functional sculpture, etc.

Fiberglass tree planters & Large urns
Catalog of fiberglass planters, traditional and contemporary, custom sculpting commissions welcomed.

Custom molders of OEM composite and thermoplastic
Five USA Manufacturing plants. Providing large fiberglass and plastic parts to OEM companies. My father, R.F. Kishel and brother, Thomas Kishel worked together in 1972 to get this company started.

Masterpiece Gallery
(Fine art and Modern Abstract Sculpture, metal and glass) Located in Clearwater Village 4659 East 82nd Street Indianapolis, IN 46250

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Gluten Sensitivity

Corporate Gifts
Make giving to large groups easy

Sculptural Pursuit Magazine
Inspiration for sculptors, Artist interviews, 3-D artwork & Creative Wisdom for Sculpting

Art in America
Art & Sculpture Exhibitition Reviews Architecture to Zen

Caldwell Snyder Gallery
Current Trends of the Art World Works that define the Contempory Scene New York & San Francisco Galleries

Cool Columbia South Carolina
What to do, see, eat, etc., when you visit Columbia South Carolina. Columbia enjoys the arts more than most cities. See the Public Sculptures, working art studios, fine art galleries and Museums that make Columbia a cool place to visit and live. Be sure to see the sculpture dedicated to the boys in the band, hootie and the blowfish

Amos Hummell
The town of Bluffton South Carolina is becoming a real artist colony, thanks to painters like Amos who add color to Calhoun Street in historic Bluffton. Check out his website, it is sure to make you smile. Better yet come on down and visit Amos and the other artists and sculptors. See the art, watch us work in our studios, and ask a good question or two.

Chihuly, the modern master of glass sculpture
Dale Chihuly is most frequently lauded for revolutionizing the Studio Glass movement, by expanding its original premise of the solitary artist working in a studio environment to encompass the notion of collaborative teams and a division of labor within the creative process. However, Chihulys contribution extends well beyond the boundaries of both this movement and even the field of glass: his achievements have influenced contemporary art in general. Chihulys practice of using teams has led to the development of complex, multipart sculptures of dramatic beauty that place him in the leadership role of moving blown glass out of the confines of the small, precious object and into the realm of large-scale contemporary sculpture. In fact, Chihuly deserves credit for establishing the blown-glass form as an accepted vehicle for installation and environmental art, beginning in the late twentieth century and continuing today. A prodigiously prolific artist whose work balances content with an investigation of the materials properties of translucency and transparency, Chihuly began working with glass at a time when reverence for the medium and for technique was paramount. A student of interior design and architecture in the early 1960s, by 1965 he had become captivated by the process of glassblowing. He enrolled in the University of Wisconsins hot glass program, the first of its kind in the United States, established by Studio Glass movement founder Harvey K. Littleton. After receiving a degree in sculpture, Chihuly was admitted to the ceramics program at the Rhode Island School of Design, only to establish its renowned glass program, turning out a generation of recognized artists. Influenced by an environment that fostered the blurring of boundaries separating all the arts, as early as 1967 Chihuly was using neon, argon, and blown-glass forms to create room-sized installations of organic, freestanding, plantlike imagery. He brought this interdisciplinary approach to the arts to the legendary Pilchuck School in Stanwood, Washington, which he cofounded in 1971 and served as its first artistic director until 1989. Under Chihulys guidance, Pilchuck has become a gathering place for international artists with diverse backgrounds. His studios, which include an old racing-shell factory in Seattle called The Boathouse and now buildings in the Ballard section of the city and in Tacoma, Washington, have become a mecca for artists, collectors, and museum professionals involved in all media. Stylistically during the past forty years, Chihulys sculptures in glass have explored color, line, and assemblage. Although his work ranges from the single vessel to indoor/outdoor site-specific installations, he is best known for his multipart blown compositions. These works fall into the categories of mini-environments designed for the tabletop and large, often serialized forms displayed in groupings on pedestals or attached to specially engineered structures that dominate large exterior or interior spaces. Chihuly and his teams have created a wide vocabulary of blown forms, revisiting and refining earlier shapes while at the same time creating exciting new elements, such as his recent Fiori, all of which demonstrate mastery and understanding of glassblowing techniques. Earlier forms, such as the Baskets, Seaforms, Ikebana, Venetians, and Chandeliers from the late 1970s through the 1990s, continue to reappear with fresh variations and within new contexts. Since the early 1980s, all of Chihulys work has been marked by intense, vibrant color and by subtle linear decoration. At first he achieved patterns by fusing into the surface of his vessels “drawings” composed of prearranged glass threads; he then had his forms blown in optic molds, which created ribbed motifs. He also explored in the Macchia series bold, colorful lip wraps that contrasted sharply with the brilliant colors of his vessels. Finally, beginning with the Venetians of the early 1990s, elongated, linear blown forms, a product of the glassblowing process, have become part of his vocabulary, resulting in highly baroque, writhing elements. Chihulys work is strongly autobiographical. His fascination with abstracted flower forms, reminiscent for him of his mothers garden in Tacoma, has been discussed in depth in the literature. Likewise, series such as his Seaforms, Niijima Floats, and even the Chandeliers allude to his childhood in Tacoma, marked by his love of the sea and his recognition of its importance to the economy of the Pacific Northwest. Even in the few instances in which the artist has chosen to respond to earlier historical decorative arts forms, the imagery has personal significance. The Basket series, for instance, developed out of the woven Northwest Coast Indian baskets that Chihuly saw in 1977 with his friend the sculptor Italo Scanga and with the sculptor James Carpenter at the Tacoma Historical Society. Over the years the artist has created a number of memorable installation exhibitions, including Chihuly Over Venice (1995–96), Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem 2000 at the Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem (2000), Chihuly in the Park: A Garden of Glass at Chicagos Garfield Park Conservatory (2001–2), the Chihuly Bridge of Glass in Tacoma (2002), and Mille Fiori at the Tacoma Art Museum (2003). These installations confirm the artists sensitivity to architectural context and his interest in the interplay of natural light on the glass that exploits its translucency and transparency. Recent situations have heightened this effect, since the buildings Chihuly has selected as sites for the works have themselves been of glass. While elements of the earlier installations allude to natural phenomena such as icicles and vegetation, gardens provide the dominant theme in Chihulys most recent ones. Sites that include Chicagos Garfield Park Conservatory and the Franklin Park Conservatory in Columbus, Ohio, as well as future projects at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and Kew Gardens, London, enable the artist to juxtapose monumental, organically shaped sculptural forms with beautiful landscaping, establishing a direct and immediate interaction between nature and art. Moreover, Chihulys most recent installations at the Tacoma Art Museum and at Marlborough Gallery, New York, reveal the artists progression toward a logical next direction: installations that are gardens themselves. In a sense, Chihuly has come full circle; now using his mature vocabulary, he captures in these installations the joie de vivre of the plantlike forms of his early neon environments. A dominant presence in the art world, Dale Chihuly and his work have long provoked considerable controversy as part of the art/craft debate. However, with exhibitions at such major museum venues as the Victoria and Albert in London (2001), there can be little doubt that his lasting contribution to art of our times is an established fact. Adapted from the exhibition catalogue Dale Chihuly 2002, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, New Jersey

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Bluffton South Carolina News
Bluffton South Carolina is Just 12 miles east of I-95 and 7 miles west of Hilton Head Island.

Beer Charity Cleans Gulf Shores
Now, as the Gulf seems to be swallowed whole by BP’s oil disaster, the Abita Springs-based brewery debuts S.O.S. — A Charitable Pilsner. (S.O.S. = “Save Our Shore”) The brewery will donate 75 cents from every bottle sold as part of the brew’s companion campaign, S.O.S. — A Charitable Fund, administered by the Northshore Community Foundation.

Landscape Accessories
Architectural planters, and garden sculpture.

Handcrafted Guitars
Corazon details Pro classical Guitars are custom built by Tony. They will exceed your audiovisual expectations. corazon de oro guitars

town of bluffton
New Bluffton South Carolina website helps you find your way around town, you can also zoom in on residences, businesses, find owner info etc. Check out locations for current events, like the Historic Art and Seafood Festival October 22 & 23, 2011. Search for local artists & Sculptors too.

YouTube Video
Check out my (How to) Video on Youtube. Learn how I create my botanical Garden Sculptures in my Art Studio.

The LA Landscape Expo
See whats new for Commercial and Residential Landscapes including large scale colorful Garden Sculptures Thursday & Friday March 12th & 13th, 2015.

Palmetto Bluff
When visiting Hilton Head and the low country discover the Bluff. It is just accross the river from Myrtle Island in Bluffton by water, or 20 miles by land. If you decide to buy, build or invest in Palmetto Bluff contact Stephen Kishel for Site specific Sculpture and I will be glad to work with you to create the perfect piece or pieces for you.

Monumental public works and large Corporate Sculpture.

Search Engine
Please enter your search terms in the Search box and click "Search."

Cherries on top of spoon
outdoor public sculpture ,

Chateau Petitleez Art Gallery
Masters of Sculpture The art of Bronze: Antoine-louis Barye,Christophe Fratin, Pierre-Jules Mene, Pierre Lenordez, Jean-Jules Salmson, Emmanuel Fremiet, Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, Constantin Meunier, Auguste Rodin, Jef Lambeaux, Francois Pompon, Camille Claudel, Domien Ingels, Alberic Collin, Alfred Pina, Oscar Jespers, Ossip Zadkine, Arno Briker, Lucien Giblert, Raymond De Meester De Betzenbroeck, Antoniucci Volti, Joseph Braun, Lina Georgieva, Ronald De Winter.

Objekt Magazine
Living in Style Interior, Architecture, Gardens, Arts, Antiques, and Design A Hans Fonk Publication

Charlotte Art and sculpture
Carolina Metal Sculptors, Artists and Mural artisans.

I wonder what happen to the metal wall sculpture that I left on consignment at starbucks in Charleston SC in 2004?

Find Things to Do in Bluffton SC
Trip advisor helps you find great restaurants, Hotels, and Fun things to do like Art Galleries & Botanical Sculpture Gardens.

abstract paintings
sculpting was her passion until she started painting, check out this modern master of contemporary abstracts

Brookgreen Sculpture Park & Gardens
In 1930, with a plan to build a winter home, philanthropist Archer Huntington and his wife, sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington, purchased four plantations encompassing some 9,000 acres stretching from the Waccamaw River to the Atlantic Ocean. Soon after the purchase, Archer Huntington revised their plan and, in 1931, received a charter from the State of South Carolina to form Brookgreen Gardens, A Society for Southeastern Flora and Fauna -- a non-profit corporation having the mission to collect, preserve and exhibit native plants, animals and objects of art. Endowed by a gift from the Huntingtons, Brookgreen Gardens opened to the public the following year. Brookgreen Gardens is now a National Historic Landmark with the most significant outdoor collection of figurative sculpture by American artists in the world. It also contains the Lowcountry History and Wildlife Preserve, and the only zoo on the coast in the Carolinas accredited by the American Zoo and Aquarium Association (AZA).

Falling Water - Frank Lloyd Wrights Masterpiece
Mill Run, PA (spring,summer,and fall tours) Check website for dates and hours

Elena Madden Art Studio & Art Gallery
Elena Madden creates fluid abstract painting in Historic Savannah, Georgia.

Tate Art Gallery
British and international modern art Home of the national collections of British art and international modern art. Online exhibits of Abstract Metal Sculpture

A guide to art museum sites and image archives where Picasso work is available.

Nate Sculpture Park
Large City Sculpture Park A free public sculpture park, rated 1 of USA top 10 sculpture parks.

World Wide Art Directory
International Painters, Metal Sculptors and more

Bluffton Breeze Magazine
Bluffton, SC Magazine South Carolina low country living. Bluffton Breeze Magazine is now The Breeze.

Working Sculpture Studio
Visiting L.A. in the near future? See Bruce Gray working in his art studio. Hollywoods choice for movie-set props, when it come to abstract metal sculpture.

Bluffton South Carolina
Local news for Hiltonhead Island and Bluffton, SC

Blue Grass
...More Abstract Sculpture

March On Trophy
...More Comissioned Sculpture

The Pinwheel Dance
...More Outdoor Sculpture

...More Table Sculpture

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