Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
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Ray & Doug

Ray is Bluffing and Doug is enjoying helping me as usual. Even when the work is hard he smiles and is joyful, we need to learn from Doug to enjoy the journey and never take what we can do for granite.

Stainless Steel Figurative Sculpture

Sculpture can be about positive space and or negitive space, it can also be about reflective space. This sculpture will be all about the reflective space.

Close up of new work

This abstract sculpture was sold to a college professor in Beaufort, SC. It is call Hydrogen, because it looks like bubbles are forming and being pulled up and released.

Sculpture Working

An Artist must also be an instructor if he wants to be more than a craftsman. In this photo I am teaching my apprentice to spray hot powder metal on my newest abstract sculptural creation. Sell art is nice, teaching art is nice, enjoying art is nice. no wonder people think it is so cool to have your own art studio. I love my job!

Coral Sculpture

This abstract aluminum sculpture looks like a large coral reef.

Bird in Hand

This rusty steel abstract sculpture was created in 2008. Many of my sculptures start with a sketch; however this one is more of happenings. The hardest part of one like this is getting started, but the most important thing is knowing when it is done. I know it may not be everyones cup of tea (Abstract Sculpture) but it is my hope that I can make everyone smile when they see it! Abstract Metal Sculpture should be enjoyable.

Artworks Gallery of Beaufort, SC

Visit Historic Beaufort South Carolina See the group show September 4-30, 2009.

Minimalism and Figurative

These Mirror finish stainless sculptures were created a couple of years ago for an insurance company is Southern California.

Sparks fly when your Grinding Steel

Ray Lee is making sparks fly, as he cleans up my welds on a new figurative metal garden sculpture. Ray has his own landscape business, "Ray of Sunshine" here in the low country, and he is glad to pitch in and help in the artstudio when I need his help. He also cares for my sculpture garden, "Palmetto Oaks".

The Sculptors Apprentice

Doug Crabtree moved to the low Country from Naples Florida and found his dream job, well he does not think of it as a job at all. He is enjoying every minute.

Sea Life and Spontinaeity

Spontinaeity28x33x80 tall Orange Powder coated Aluminum This colorful abstract sculpture is intended to portray the freedom an artist would have in a world without gravity. We could paint a 3D image in the air; spontaneity arises from my imagination with an effortless spontaneous expression. While metal working is anything but effortless, I have become one with my material, and worked with the material to create a sculpture that gives the viewer an airy weightless feeling. Spontinaeity has been a popular request for public sculpture gardens

Defying Gravity two

Sometimes art collectors like works that are sold and ask me to recreate them. Other times they like a work that is currently available but would perfer it be made from a different material or a larger size. The latter is the case with defying gravity two. The original was made out of very heavy steel and this commission was created out of .25" thick aluminum so it could be shipped to Canada.
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