Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
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The rainforest fountain

This project is a water feature for a sculpture park. The park is being created to provide the residence of a highrise community a place to relax and collect their thoughts. Art and the sound of falling water, along with green plants are key elements in renewing and refreshing the soul. Water fountians are easy, the hard part is to make them low maintence. When we bought our house it came with the high maintence type, so I knew a thing or two before I took on this commission. So far no complaints, in fact they gave me three more commissions this year (3 years later).

The Focus and the Distraction

A serious work in progress, about a subject that is taken far to lightly. See this wall sculpture I up close at Palmetto Oaks Sculpture Garden in Bluffton SC Abstract Metal Sculpture with a Message

Visionary Live Oak

Surrealism has a softer side

Swamp Art

Herman Leonhardt one of the artist who display at the S.C. artisians Center in Walterboro, SC.

Herman Leonhardt - Master Glass Blower

Swamp Artist Herman Leonhardt is alive and well in, you guested it, the swamps along edisto river. His day start early feed the dogs, stoke the fire and blow glass, teach glass blowers, deliver glass, feed the dogs, stoke the fire, sleep and start over.

Monumental Sculpture of Fire Hydrant

Large Public Sculpture created by South Carolina Sculptor and Painter Blue Sky. To see more points of interest in Columbia S.C. go to South Carolina is the state-of-the-art.

Inside my art studio

I decided it is about time to take some time away from sculpting, and personalize my art studio with this mural, titled "Perceptions of Life"

Free Standing Aluminum Sculpture coming together Brushed metal with swirls and grinder marks to bring out the bright aluminum finish

Another view of commissioned sculpture soon to be completed and clear coated

Commissioned work being created Non-Ferris metal gives indoor outdoor possibilities

The Sippin Cow Cafe in Bluffton South Carolina

Its not Alices Restaurant but its close, They make the best omelet in the south.

The Sippin Cow Cafe

chicago has fiberglass cows and Bluffton has sippin cows The Sippin Cow is now located behind Palmetto State Bank, if you need directions just ask a local.
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