Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-263-6940
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The Sippin Cow Cafe in Bluffton South Carolina

Its not Alices Restaurant but its close, They make the best omelet in the south.

The Sippin Cow Cafe

chicago has fiberglass cows and Bluffton has sippin cows The Sippin Cow is now located behind Palmetto State Bank, if you need directions just ask a local.

Aquatic Habitate

A world set apart from us and for the most part unspoiled by us. Only those curious enough to see it for themselves understand, the rest see thru the eyes of someone else or their camera.

Concrete wall sculpture

Created by R.F. Kishel over 35 years ago and still as contemporary, and modern looking as ever. To walk in ones foot steps who is as far ahead of his time as my father is a daunting task, however one I wholeheartedly embrace. For more examples of this visionary artist and sculptor go to and click on links, then click on Dick Kishel.

The Guitar Player at the Old Oyster Factory

Inspired by Rober Ingman at Hiltonhead Islands Old Oyster Factory. I have alway loved the sound of Guitar music and especially liked Neil Youngs Heart of Gold, and I too traveled the ocean for a heart of gold.

What do you see in the clouds

Puff said the Big Dog

Queen of Solitaire

Good things take time and she is now dressed in a silver coat of Hot Galvanized Zinc. See the new photo by clicking on Gallery then Outdoor Sculpture

Crying Outloud

Visit the Guild of Bluffton Art Gallery and buy original art-sculpture-pottery-baskets-jewelry created by 15 low country artist and sculptors. Located at 20 Calhoun Street in Bluffton, SC

The LaRoche Studio

Between Preston Pottery Studio and The Guild of Bluffton Artists Gallery. Bluffton, SC

Eggs N Tricities

71 Calhoun Street Bluffton, SC Plenty to look at inside this Gift shop

Antique Heart Pine Flooring and Accessories

Historic houses around every corner

The Society of Bluffton Artist

Located on Boundry Street it is only a one block walk from Calhoun. It is really worth the walk.
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