Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
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Fish of the Day

Whimsical Copper fish I made for my friend and restauranteer Mike Manley. Who I got to know when he was manager of Foxfire Restaurant (Owner Jim Davis - Creator of the Garfield cartoon)

Orange Iris

Stained Glass project that my daughter and I collaborated together on. Glass and sculpting go together so well.

Turning into the future

Take steps into the future with this figrative abstract stainless steel garden sculpture. Life changes each and everyday. The change can bring us closer to what we want or we can see the change from the edge of a circle that becomes our treadmill. Sold to an amazing art collector from England for his residence on Hiltonhead Island

Pig Tail Girl

She is Galvanzed Steel and human scale. This sculpture has a feeling about it. I can not explain it, you have to experience it yourself. Would you like to see her? Visit Broadhurst Art Gallery in Pinehurst, North Carolina.

Crying out Loud

Steel Sculpture

New work in process

Steel garden sculpture abstract of a girl with pigtails She is now wearing a bright metallic zinc, the hot dip galvanizing will allow her to be enjoyed in a sculpture garden for 20 plus years, without maintence. See her or adopt her, currently on display in Pinehurst, N.C. (Broadhurst Fine Art Gallery)

Grinding away at a new steel abstract sculpture

The art studio is a mess, but it is better to clean up when I do not feel so inspired.

Two Year Anniversary of the Gallery

A Guild of Bluffton, SC Artist invite friends over to the Gallery on Calhoun Street.

Jon Nelson - Bluffton, SC Artist Guild Founder

Low country oil painter and Guild Member. Jon died of cancer in May 2004. He loved watching the sky over the marsh and his paintings reflected that passion. We will miss him and and his memory lives on in the works of art he left. They inspire us all to create with feeling.

Jon & Peggy

Owners of Pluff Mudd Gallery and Guild Members

Emily Wilson - landscape painter

A Guild of Bluffton-South-Carolina Art Gallery member

Two of my fathers sculptures (R.F. Kishel 23-08)

Left: Painted steel table top metal sculpture Right:Fiberglass sculpture w/cast figurative image inside Go to art form studios website to see more of his abstract sculptures
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