Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
Phone: 843-263-6940
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Giant Jellyfish Garden Sculpture

This organic abstract looks like a Monumental Jellyfish. I will be powder coating it soon.

Rocking Horse People

Powder Coated Sculptural residential driveway gate. Standing beside the gate is American Quality Manufacturing painter, Nate.

Driveway Gate Sculpture

"Rocking Horse People" This abstract metal sculpture is more sculpture than gate.

King Cobra

This stainless steel snake made from recycled metal purchased from Mid-Carolina Recycling in Columbia, SC.


Making abstract sculpture is easier for me than animals or people, however all my sculptures must have feeling, whether or not they are representative or non-representative.

Bird in the Marsh

Howling at the Moon

Notice the wolf (aluminum) and the Moon (copper) these commissioned sculptures are created with natural metal colors.

Octopus in Red


Natural finishes of metals capture nature better than paint and photo-realism. I used stainless steel and mild steel to create this sculpture.


To make this sculpture work, I had to let go of the exact reality and embrace the fluid feeling of its movments. You must go with the flow sometimes or you will freeze the feeling.

Rusty Pelican

Sculpture has a very positive energy, it draws you in and appeals to your sense of touch. It transforms a space and creates a feeling that is unique to you and your life.

Palm tree with Clouds

Some people buy art and take it home and place it on a empty wall; others commission artist to create a space that tells a story.
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