Sculpture By Stephen Kishel
Bluffton, South Carolina
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New Table Sculpture

This sculpture was made from some steel I recycled from the Mid-Carolina steel recycling in Columbia, SC. Inspiration for new sculptures can be found anywhere and everywhere. I do not like my artwork to be called: found art, even though sometimes a piece of metal can be repurposed and used in a sculptural creation. Recycling and repurposing of metal is a good thing for the environmnet and it saves energy. I think we should all recycle, Reuse, and Repurpose, and let us not forget compost our leaves, grass clippings and kitchen scraps. I hate it when people Burn these items, burning is just lazy and thoughtless.

This Sculpture will be installed in a Courtyard so

This 12 foot tall abstract sculpture is made from quarter inch thick aluminum and is powder coated with a heavy orange textured.

In the Moment

These Birds do not care about last minute, week, last year, they are just in the moment. They are not missing anything, how about you?

Is this the next great Sculptress?

My daughter Tammy, is really enjoying some time with dad in the studio.

This 12 foot tall abstract is nearing completion

It is towering over all of our heads, however my apprentice (Doug Crabtree) enjoys the challenge. We just have to lay this big one down for sanding and grinding. It will be powder coated Orange.

Three new table sculptures in process

Sometimes its not about what I must do, it is what I need to do. I need to express ideas, thoughts, designs, and push open new doors. The business of Art, is not the same as art.

Sculpture Mighty Oak Tree

Sometimes a sculpture seems to grow like a tree. Did you know one Oak tree can drop 50,000 acorns?

Curry Foundation Trophy

Jim Renauer - The Wood Turner has been working with me and the Curry Foundation to make this 1st Annual Curry Cup Trophy extra special.

438 King Street Charleston Sculpture

Check out my colorful Abstract Sculpture on King Street in Charleston South Carolina. May 13 - June 13, 2010.

New American Gothic

This is a mixed media work of art my father RF Kishel (1923-2008) made about 40 years ago. It is nearly life size and build on two antique school closet doors.

Secure Together Model

The family has grown, from 4 to 5. Guess who is the center of attention! It just goes to show that small ones get their fair share of attention!

New Sculptures

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