Sculpture By Stephen Kishel

The Well of Creativity

The Song of the wind, the birth of a child, the flight of the hawk, and the marshland by the sea, inspire me. The thoughts are created, and the hands follow thru, then the eye of the beholder makes it come true. University of Phoenix Hi Stephen, my name is Brandi Garcia. I am working on a team project for a college course. We had to pick a sculpture for a company to buy. One that is a modern sculpture and represents diversity in the workplace. Can you give me a little more insight on “The Well of Creativity?” This is the piece we have chosen and would help me give a little more to our paper. Thank you, Brandi Garcia Dear Brandi, Thanks for choosing one of my sculptures. Sometimes I think creativity is like a well that you prime. I love diversity, and I find myself working on three or four different sculpture every week. One as large as the Well of Creativity took me about 6 or 7 weeks however I frequently turned my attention to another work in progress, for a change of pace and to allow my ideas for the Well to formulate. The nice thing about welded sculpture is you can add and subtract as needed. It is painted with Rainbow extreme paint and it changes to seven colors as you walk around it. Best regards, Stephen Kishel

Dimensions: 21":x24"x94"
Materials: Extreme painted steel
Price: $3,000.00+ Shipping
** SOLD **

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