Sculpture By Stephen Kishel


Aspire to be, enjoy life, be your best, and care. Don't let the days wear away at who you are and who you know you can be. Live with purpose. Steve, I was just sitting down to write you an e-mail, when I read, consider this unsolicited. We love it!! We love your work!! You are truly an artist and/or a mind reader; it is exactly what we had in mind. We could not be more thrilled. As a man that eats, sleeps and breathes his work, I finder no greater thrill, than to meet someone else of the same ilk. I have inscribed your name onto my lifelong mental list of people that have been worth meeting (although I did not actually meet you). I am sure that you will get some future work out of this. In fact, there is a store near my office that sells gazebos and the like...but high end...that I can put you in touch with. Wonderfull Let's keep in touch. Andy Elkwood - Marlboro,NJ

Dimensions: 8'6"x5"6"x3'
Materials: Stainless Steel
** SOLD **

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