Sculpture By Stephen Kishel

Down Under

The sea floor covers more surface than the land, and alive with 10's of millions of different kinds of living creatures. We have more to discover there than what we already know exist.Hi Stephen, I just took the most pleasant journey through your wonderful gallery. It was like a soothing escape into a "crystal cave" complete with lagoon and starlike prisms bouncing from each creative cut and curve. When I observe your sculptures, I go into a universe of cosmic forests to "down under" and realize how vast, yet how close infinity really is. The mind is "our" treasure and our "hands" its rescurer. I do thank our creator for this endless "well" and for artists like you who wrestle these visions from inanimant to visual forms that take away the breathe. I do appreciate your driven passion for your "gift" and all that must be involved in bringing to execution your dreams. Thank you Picasso, Miro', Braque, Michaelango, and the endless string of masters who have and continue to explore shape, form, texture and art of the ages into tomorrow. And thank you. Regards, Glenna Blomer, Galeria at the port P.S. I would like to purchase "Down Under"

Dimensions: 48"x26"x6"
Materials: Painted Steel
Price: $485.00+ Shipping
** SOLD **

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