Sculpture By Stephen Kishel

Reflections of Character

This Vertically Oriented Sculpture reflects the Character that a mentor builds in his student. Why not look into a mirror and see, the person you could be, rather than a view of what will soon be, just a moment in your history. Most people live, day to day, and if they become something, they attributed it to being in the right place at the right time, or one in a million. That is not the way for you or me, we know in our hearts that something better will be, if we do not sit on our laurels and wait to be. Our odds of winning are much greater indeed, than one in a million souls that proceed. Because we push forward the boundaries, that hold others back, we take leaps of faith and never shrink back. We study, and work, and create prolifically, and plan ahead our days indefinitely, and many a sleepless nights we spend in our bed, thinking and figuring how to do, what others only dread. Each day we wake, glad to be alive, we say to ourselves with one degree of pride: What do I get,-- to do,-- today! Knowing there is much to be done, loving your work makes it almost fun, but as the sunsets you may look back and sigh! But, then a smiles arises, with a knowing, Iiiiiii! Because, you understand, the things yet undone are minor in comparison to all you have won! This day is accomplished and tomorrow holds hope, soon you will sleep, but, the smile will stay, because you have done well, -- done well -- with this beautiful day! Stephen Kishel 2008

Dimensions: 18" x 20" x 44"
Materials: Mirror Image Stainless & Powdercoated
** SOLD **

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