Sculpture By Stephen Kishel

Blue Fish

Where do my fish sculptures come from? It is one part memory, one part feeling, one part spark. Let me explain each of these three elements; we have all seen in person, on television, or in books, hundreds of fish. The ones you see in person impart the best impressions in your memory. Feeling; The feeling for createing came from frequent walks with my father at the local scrap metal yard (he is a sculptor also) these feelings still inspire me today, probably do to the fact that I was very young (7)and working with my father created a bond that became a common thread in the fabricate of our lives. The feeling for art developed over time with me, do in part to my fathers coaching, and reminders (he frequently said to me, Stephen, Put Feeling into your work). Sometimes, when we got back to his studio, I would just sit there with my pile of scrap metal shapes, not knowing what to do with them, and Dad would come by and offer some suggestions, I found that you can look at metal scraps the same way you look at the cloulds and imagine what they look like. This is the third key, the spark, when your imagination sees something in an object, then start building on it. If you are new to welding, it will take time, so just stick to it. (Tip: Do not try to force a shape into something it is not, if the spark is not there, then it is not there, and no amount of work will make it appear, move on to a different project or keep searching for a starting point that inspires, or sparks your imagination!) Most people give up on things, because they do not see success the first time they try something new. I am so glad I never give up, how about you?

Dimensions: 3" x 18" x 30"
Materials: Aluminum with Powder Coat Finish
** SOLD **

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