Sculpture By Stephen Kishel


Living means change, and yet we like things to stay the same. Perhaps this is because not all change is for the better so we become suspicious of change, rather than imbrace it. What ever happen to the Kaizen Principle (Change for Better) If only our Bankers, Manufactures,and Contractors etc. would realize that when a change makes it better for the consumer, not their bottom line, that is when they get the Kaizen principle correct. I am not usually a big fan of multitasking because it causes us to miss out on important moments in our life, and without these memories are not made. Enjoying the Journey means savoring the moments, and savoring the moments means appreciate positive experiences. Wind powers this sculpture. Made from recycled aluminum and painted with solvent free powder paint this sculpture is earth friendly and ever changing. Caulder fans would call this a Mobile-Stable because it is both a mobile sculpture and a stable sculpture. As of September 1, 2016 this sculpture is on display in Palmetto Oaks Sculpture Garden.

Dimensions: 22" x 64" x 80"
Materials: Powder Coated Aluminum
** SOLD **

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